Below is a little bit about us & some of our products (updated 28/1/2011) 
The City Seals crew
Grant Wilson...............hand and machine engraver
Chris Wilson...............machine engraver
Bonnie Wilson..............Invoicing
Geoff Suter................Hand and machine engraver
Tony Bruce.................Bookkeeper
John Blackburn.............Engineer
Gary White.................Fitting and wrapping

Our goal
To treat people how we would like to be treated.
To offer a quality product at a reasonable price.
To answer all queries and pricing within the hour (where applicable)

We now have 50% of our retail work through 'word of mouth'
which we think shows the quality of our work and customer service.

Whilst we do not get many people ordering through our website, it is there to be informative
and to show people what we do and are about.
At present we have no plans to advertise elsewhere

Company and Notary Public Seals:
Whilst many other companies have moved to either plastic or part metal part plastic, we have stuck
with the traditional hardwearing metal dies (this is the bit that is engraved with your text/logo and
gets embossed).
We have many different embossers which im sure can help you with any situation from the
economical plier upto a heavy duty iron machine capable of embossing thick card.
The market for seals in the uk has gone down by 50%, but we now sell more worldwide, as companies
& individuals have realised we offer a quality and relatively cheap product.

Brass Wax Seals:
Due to customer demand we now a revised list of standard layouts, fonts and logos to choose from.
Whilst there are many companies selling this product its only a select few who make this. 
We do not though sell mass produced seals, they are all custom made from scratch and to keep the
cost down they do not come with pretty boxes!!
Due to this theres no need to send of a voucher to have the seal made after you have received the
initial product waiting upto another 10 days!!

Above is just short piece, we didnt want to bore you to death!!

Remember we are here to help you
Thanks for reading
Trading since 1973

Yours Sincerely

Grant Wilson

City Company Seals Ltd

Unit 7 Hodgson Court

Hodgson Way

Wickford Essex SS11 8XR

T. 020 8986 6125
F. 020 8986 2788
Intl. T. 0044 208 986 6125
Intl. F. 0044 208 986 2788

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1. Thank you for your email. I was impressed (and amazed) with the speed of your service. I actually received my order the next day - absolutely unheard of in this day and age. I was also pleased to be able to find someone who sells good old sealing wax - I have been to every possible store in the area and no-one seems to stock it.
I doubt that I shall have the need of your service very often but it was nice, just this once, to deal with an efficient company.
Rosalind Pottinger (Mrs) 

2. Dear Grant,

Thanks for the order- it arrived promptly this morning in perfect condition. I have to say I have been very impressed with the service, and the friendly follow up e-mails!

G Maxwell 

3. Dear Grant,

Everything was exactly what we wanted. Thanks for the fast effective service

Aislinn Enright

4. Thank you very much for the seals, they are just what
I was looking for. Look forward to placing orders with
you again soon. 

5. Thanks for the follow-up email. The seal was perfect. We've already used it & it worked beautifully.

Thanks again.

6. Hi,

The service and products were fantastic. We're just trying to master how much wax we need to put on to get the perfect seal!!!!!

thanks again